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Pearl Pigment

  • 3D Magnetic Pigment

    3D Magnetic Pigment

    3D Magnetic Pearl Pigment is also called 3D Flash Pigments,which is based on Synthetic Mica , except coated by regular metal oxide , but also coated by some special metal oxide, according to fine meachine to control the coating layer, for optical principles and metal...Read More
  • Mica Cosmetic Pigment for Nail Polish

    Mica Cosmetic Pigment for Nail Polish

    Mica cosmetic pigment for nail polish is very various powdered pigments that are non-toxic, inert, and can be mixed into virtually any viscous, transparent medium and applied to any surface! Since they are not metals, they will never rust or tarnish. The nail polish highly...Read More
  • Make Up Pigment

    Make Up Pigment

    Lingbao make up pigments are based on requirements of the world famous cosmetics manufacturers. All the chemicals, physical and heavy metals are up to international standards on pearl pigment. We have specially invested GMP standard production workshop,strictly adhere to GNP...Read More
  • Cosmetic Pigment for Lipstick

    Cosmetic Pigment for Lipstick

    Lingbao is the leading pearlescent pigment supplier for cosmetics in Asia and the primary supplier to several world renowned cosmetic industries globally. The cosmetic series is monitored by ICP testing to ensure safety, stability, and sterility. Our cosmetic line...Read More
  • Cosmetc Pearl Luster Pigment

    Cosmetc Pearl Luster Pigment

    LingBao Cosmetic Pearl Luster Pigment series are the pearlescent pigments we particularly select for cosmetics applications. We carefully control the heavy metal contents of every batch of raw materials, providing the most reliable and quality stable products to customers....Read More
  • Gold Pearl Pigment

    Gold Pearl Pigment

    Gold Luster Pearls consist of mica flakes,titanium dioxide and iron oxide . The different gold luster appear when thickness and the percentage of the coating layers are different. The mica powder with coarse size show sparkle and brilliant golden luster while the pigments...Read More
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