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Pearl Pigment

  • Shimmer Gold Mica Powder

    Shimmer Gold Mica Powder

    Shimmer Gold Mica Powder Is a golden yellow,as abundantly colorful as an Indian summer when the autumn woods glow in vibrant yellow.The intensive color play ranges from strong radiant yellow,brilliant gold,delicate orange,a whitish shimmer to subtle hints of brass. Advantage:...Read More
  • 24K Gold Pigment

    24K Gold Pigment

    24K Gold Pigment This series Golden color captures the breathtaking moment when the sun is reflected throughout the city and transforms the environment into a radiant, magnificent golden setting. In doing so, the hue develops an almost pure. Golden glow as well as a metallic...Read More
  • 24 Karat Gold Pigment

    24 Karat Gold Pigment

    Advantage: ●Low Heavy metal content ●High colour saturation ●Fast and easy dispersion ●Free samples and date sheet available ●100% color consistency ●Red Gold,Greenish Gold,Yellow Gold ●SGS and FDA approval ●Free samples Product Details: Problems and solutions: Please Contact...Read More
  • Brilliant Gold Pigment

    Brilliant Gold Pigment

    Gold Luster Pearls consist of mica flakes,titanium dioxide and iron oxide. The different gold luster appear when thickness and the percentage of the coating layers are different. The mica powder with coarse size show sparkle and brilliant golden luster while the pigments with...Read More
  • Solar Gold Pearlescent Pigment

    Solar Gold Pearlescent Pigment

    We are committed to offering an all round product-use service that brings exceptional value to your business: Easy formulating Our ready-made,unique combinations of color and effect can be applied to any coating plastic or ink. Technical support We can offer you specialist...Read More
  • Gold Effect Mica Pigment

    Gold Effect Mica Pigment

    Lingbao Gold Sparkle Pearl Pigment Give Wide Golden color play ranges from strong radiant yellow, brilliant gold, delicate orange, a whitish shimmer to subtle hints of brass. The distinguish Sparkle Gold appearance can create impressive optical effects and make your finish...Read More
  • Sparkle Gold Powder Pigment

    Sparkle Gold Powder Pigment

    Lingbao Sparkle Gold Powder Pigment Give intensive color play ranges from strong radiant yellow, brilliant gold,delicate orange, a whitish shimmer to subtle hints of brass. Advantage: ●Extremely Sparkly ●Best particle size distribution ●High Temperature Resistance ●Excellent...Read More
  • Gold Effect Pigment

    Gold Effect Pigment

    What is pearl pigment? Pearlescent pigments are created by iridescence caused by multiple reflections from two or more semi-transparent surfaces. They consist of mica platelets coated with a thin layer of metallic oxide. This simple structure creates the basis of most...Read More
  • Sun Gold Powder Pigment

    Sun Gold Powder Pigment

    Sun Gold Powder Pigment are synthetic pearls, with synthetic pearls, this series pearls are very beautiful colors, brighter ,more shiny than the conventional Golden Luster Pearlescent Pigments . It is often described as "gold powder" . Make your products more...Read More
  • Gold Effect Mica Powder

    Gold Effect Mica Powder

    The decisive advantages of Ling Bao Gold effect mica powder are: ●High color depth and purity ●Great Golden Pearl Luster ●Impressive sparkling effects ●Easy processing ●Ideal intercoat adhesion ●Excellent pigment orientation ●Easy incorporation in all common applications...Read More
  • Gold Sparkle Pearl Pigment

    Gold Sparkle Pearl Pigment

    Gold sparkle pearl pigment exhibits magnificent,glistening orange and golden luster along with unmatched dimensional visual effects. With large particle size distribution, this golden series shall be more luster and sparkle and shinny. Advantage: ●Great Gold Luster ●Extremely...Read More
  • Gold Sparkle Effect Pigment

    Gold Sparkle Effect Pigment

    Gold sparkle effect pigment with perfect golden luster appearance create unique visual effect for your final products. Advantage: ●Both natural mica and synthetic mica ●Wildest Gold color range ●Inventory available ●Reach register and SGS FDA approval. Product Details:...Read More
We're one of the largest pearl pigment manufacturers and suppliers in China, certified by ISO9001, ISO14000, Reach, and SGS. Welcome to import pearl pigment at competitive price here with us.