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Natural Mica Pearl Pigment

  • Color Pigment

    Color Pigment

    Color Pearlescent Pigment provide a kaleidoscope of possibilities to create unique lustre and eye-catching colour effects. The secret of the fascinating pearlescent effect lies in a special pigment structure composed of mica flakes and semitransparent layers of metaloxides....Read More
  • Golden Series Pigment

    Golden Series Pigment

    Natural Mica Based LB factory Advantage: ◆300000KGS per month ◆Nature and Synthetic Mica are Both available ◆5 experts make sure stable quality ◆Cost Competitive ◆ODM and OEM are available ◆Flexible ways of cooperation and payment terms ◆Scientific inventory ensure prompt...Read More
  • Rainbow Pigment

    Rainbow Pigment

    Rainbow pigments are similar to rainbow interference color, it creates gold, orange, red, violet, blue and green by reflect color, and possessing high color chroma. It does not contain any organic pigment without color faded and transfer. Due to the interference dual-colored...Read More
  • Iridescent Pearl Pigment

    Iridescent Pearl Pigment

    What is Rainbow Pigment? LingBao Rainbow pigments are natural mica powder coated by different metal oxide, according to control the thickness of coated layer, lights’ repeated reflection, refraction, transmission,producing gold, red, violet, blue, green colors with gentle...Read More
  • Copper Pigment

    Copper Pigment

    How do we get Copper and iron effect: The effect of pearl luster is determined be the deapth of titanium oxide. Silver white pearl luster is formed by the thinest titanium oxide coating, and with the increasing of the deapth of titanium oxide, the luster of reflection will...Read More
  • Silver White Pigment

    Silver White Pigment

    Natural Mica Based Silve Pigment The light white seems tranquil,yet in motion unfolds a fascinating shimmer than lends the white a soft glossy luster Product Details: Packing details: 1Pallets 450kgs 1drums/ Cartoon 25kgs Fancy small packing 5g-20kgs 20FT CONTAINER: 11250kgs...Read More
We're one of the largest natural mica pearl pigment manufacturers and suppliers in China, certified by ISO9001, ISO14000, Reach, and SGS. Welcome to import natural mica pearl pigment at competitive price here with us.