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ChameleonPearl Pigment

  • Color Change Pearl Pigment

    Color Change Pearl Pigment

    Color change pearl pigment also recognized as chamaleon effect pigments now stands for a new level of sophistication with a creative colour shifting effect. It is a one of a kind experience: as your angle of vision changes, so does the colour. Benefits: ●Strong chrome...Read More
  • Colorshift Pearl Pigment

    Colorshift Pearl Pigment

    Colorshift Pearl Pigment guide us to know a new pigment, with the change of perspective, the the color of the pigment also changes, it is a gradual process. Benefits: ●Strong chrome ●Impressive colour saturation ●Non-Toxic and safe to human body ●Elegant Pearl Luster ●High...Read More
  • Chameleon Pearl

    Chameleon Pearl

    Chameleon generates unique optical illusions that show multiple colors depending on the viewing angle. With strong mirror-like effects, Chameleon series is controlled by strict particle size distributions and multi-layer metal oxide coatings. Delivering high luster and strong...Read More
  • Multicolor Pigment

    Multicolor Pigment

    Benefits: ●Strong chrome ●Impressive colour saturation with elegant luster ●100% colour consistency ●Extremely low heavy metal ●Various colour choice ●Inventory available Product Details: Applications: Cosmetic such as nail polish Coating: Decorative paints, helmet Plastic:...Read More
We're one of the largest chameleon pigment manufacturers and suppliers in China, certified by ISO9001, ISO14000, Reach, and SGS. Welcome to import chameleon pigment at competitive price here with us.