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Performance Improvement Of Pearlescent Pigments
Mar 09, 2018

Gloss improvement

1. Preparation of nanometer Polar TIO 2 micro-colloidal particles

The titanium powder and the right amount of concentrated hydrochloric acid are put into the sample tube, and the titanium powder is dissolved in N, protected and heated by water bath, and the TICL solution is formed. After filtration, the distilled water and hydrochloric are diluted to the desired concentration. The ~TICL solution is added to the photochemical reaction device, the 30MJ/MJN flow is used to prevent the Ti0 ions from being oxidized by air, and the UV light irradiation is carried out in a certain temperature, acidity and stirring condition to make the tio of the particle diameter 15~30nm. Micro-colloidal particles. The main reactions of photochemical reaction are:

2. Study on surface modification of mica-titanium by nanometer Tio 2 micro-adhesive

Li Hua pigment pearlescent pigment and nano-scale tio micro-particles colloidal solutions made into suspension (l/s=25), in a certain temperature, ph value and stirring conditions for the reaction, after a certain period of filtration, washing to no cl, after drying in 800-900. C under the calcination of 1~2H, it can be made of rutile nano-tio, micro-particle coated modified mica-titanium pearlescent pigments.