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Basic Concepts Of Pearlescent Pigments
Mar 09, 2018

Pearlescent pigment is a kind of gloss pigment: non-toxic, tasteless, acid and alkali, non-flammable, not easy to explode, non-conductive, not migration, easy to disperse, with high heat resistance and weather resistance, fully comply with stringent environmental requirements. Pearlescent pigments have a metallic pigment flash effect, but also to produce a natural pearl soft color, its flash effect is passive light-emitting, that is, under the conditions of light will show a flash effect.

The main types of pearlescent pigments are: natural scale pearlescent pigments, bismuth oxychloride crystalline pearlescent pigments, mica coated pearlescent pigments. Currently the world's largest production and application of the most widely used pearlescent pigments, is based on natural mica flakes as the core (mica size from 4μm to 120μm, thickness of about 0.5μm), through a special chemical process, on its surface coated with a layer or multi-layer titanium or other metal oxides. The photo is provided by the BASF coating group with metal oxide coated mica sheet very smooth Therefore, with good light reflection performance, and transparent, that only a part of the light is reflected, the transmission part of the light through the mica to reach another layer, can continue to be shot, resulting in many layers of reflection. It is difficult for the eye to focus on a layer and thus to establish the depth of the light. So we can see a wonderful and deep shiny luster, we call it "pearlescent". Flat flake crystallization, should be the basic structure of pearlescent pigments, only such a shape can be as strong as the lens reflected pearlescent luster, and flat flake crystallization of the best diameter ratio of about 200, and the matter is very rare. The higher the degree of parallel orientation of flake pigments, the more obvious pearlescent luster effect can be determined by the thickness of titanium dioxide coating. White pearlescent is formed by reflection of the thinnest titanium dioxide layer, with the increase of coating thickness, the reflected light is white, yellow, gold, red, blue and green respectively. In addition to its own color, iron oxide coating also has the above properties. The bronze color is formed by the absorption of yellow by the Tri-oxide iron, and the interference yellow is produced by the thickness of the iron trioxide. The same principle can be used to get the red copper color. The color of pearlescent pigment is related to base material background.