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Application Field And Development Resistance Of Pearlescent Pigments
Mar 09, 2018

The rapid development of pearlescent pigments in the packaging, printing, publishing industry to obtain more and more extensive applications, from cosmetics, cigarette packs, liquor, gift packaging, to business cards, greeting cards, calendars, books cover, and then to pictorial printing, textile printing, pearlescent pigment figure everywhere. Especially for food packaging pearlescent film, its market demand is increasing, such as in ice cream, soft drinks, biscuits, candy, paper napkin packaging and other fields, the use of pearlescent film to consumers with a sense of pleasing.

Although the demand for pearlescent pigments in various fields is very large, but in the marketing aspect, the pearlescent pigment still encountered a certain resistance.

First, the current market on the sale of several types of pearlescent pigments (Mica Titanium Series pearlescent pigments) production process is very complex, process precision and equipment requirements, making high manufacturing costs, restricting the wide application of such pigments. such as many paint paint factory and ink manufacturers have been very interested in this pigment, but in the actual application but because of its high price and deterred. Therefore, to reduce production costs and achieve large-scale production is a key step to expand the market.

According to the relevant data analysis: Mica titanium pearlescent pigments in different printing inks in the percentage of the concentration (quality) of the difference is also large, of which the screen printing content is the lowest. The content of screen printing ink is 8%~15%, the content of gravure printing ink is 15%~25%, the content of flexo printing ink is 15%~25%; the content of offset ink is 30%. Therefore, the use of screen printing method will reduce production costs.

In a word, mica titanium pearlescent pigment is a kind of new concept of optical discoloration pigments, has a broad development space, will certainly with the in-depth research, and continuously reduce production costs, for the near future widely used mica Titanium pearlescent pigments to create a broader road to users to choose products and use to create more convenience.

Second, the application of pearlescent pigments is still in a very weak link, the current pearlescent pigments in coatings, plastics, printing inks, artificial leather, building materials, cosmetics, paper, packaging materials, textile printing and dyeing and other aspects of applied technology research and development has just started, Because most people have little knowledge about the characteristics of this new type of decorative pigments, the application and popularization of pearlescent pigments are restricted by the lag of application technology, low technical level and poor decoration effect. So many can use this kind of pigments for decoration, to enhance product value-added products, loss of excellent competitive opportunities. But for the pursuit of pearlescent pigments, people have never stopped, because people clearly understand a truth: a breakthrough in the application of technology will often promote an industry product replacement, will bring immeasurable economic benefits to an industry.