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What is the use of pearlescent pigments in powder coatings?
Mar 09, 2018

1. The necessity of modification of mica-titanium pearlescent Pigments

Because Mica titanium pearlescent pigment is inorganic pigment, its surface is easy to take hydroxyl group and show good hydrophilic characteristics, when as pigments added to organic solvents (such as soluble u paint, rubber, plastics or cosmetics), because of the interface and organic phase of the difference between the characteristics and poor compatibility, The results show that mica-titanium pearlescent pigments can be easily reunited and dispersed unevenly. When added to the powder coating, it is easy to appear on the low powder rate and different voltage electrostatic spraying separation of serious problems.

By surface modification of mica-titanium pearlescent pigment powder to improve its dispersibility and compatibility in organic solvent, the powder rate and stability of powder coating were improved.

2, Stearic acid modified Mica Titanium pearlescent Pigments

(1) stearic acid coated mica-titanium pearlescent pigment technology

What is the use of pearlescent pigments in powder coatings?

The best process of using stearic acid modified MICA-titanium pearlescent pigment is: Reaction time is 2h, reaction temperature is 70 ℃, stearic acid dosage is 2%.

(2) Principle of modification

In the process of modification of powder, the carboxyl-cooh in stearic acid will be chemically bonded to the hydroxyl group (-OH) on the surface of the pearlescent pigment powder, as well as the mutual entanglement of the long chain groups, so that the surface of the powder is connected with the lipophilic base, and has good hydrophobic hydrophilic effect.

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