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The use of mica-titanium pearlescent Pigments
Mar 09, 2018

Mica Titanium pearlescent Pigments are suitable for a variety of ink systems, gravure and convex printing of some connectors can be mixed with mica titanium.

In the process of manufacturing and using printing inks, the following points should be noted:

1. In the pearl pigment and ink mixing process, can only be slightly stirred, to avoid the surface of the pigment damage caused by the loss of luster. As far as possible without three rollers, high-speed mixer or ball mill, sanding machine. These things will damage or peel off the coated film, while reducing or damaging the pearlescent luster. In the manufacture of high viscosity offset printing ink must be used to three rollers, should pay attention to the roller opening amplification, and as far as possible in a period of time to complete the stirring.

2. Ink ingredients in all the pigments and connectors must be transparent, to avoid the use of opaque additives, such as fillers.

3. In order to improve the dispersion of pearlescent pigments in ink, it is recommended to use ink solvents (water or alcohol, etc.), the first powder pigment wetting into a paste, and then mixed with ink mixing, so that can be evenly mixed.

4. Mica Titanium Pearlescent Ink to have a good fluidity, so that the printing of thin pigment and printing surface has a parallel orientation process, so that the pearlescent pigment show the best pearlescent effect.

5. In the preparation should pay attention to adjust the pearlescent pigment surface acid-base value, to avoid in the printing ink flocculation or ink viscosity changes.

6. In the use of pearlescent ink printing, such as the pearl pigment particles encountered in the case of precipitation, before the use of mixing evenly.

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