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The Benefits of Powder Coatings
Jun 02, 2018

New alternative - Powder coatings do not release VOCs during the curing process. This benefit makes these coatings viable alternatives to the more traditional solvent- and waterborne coatings.

Efficient - Powder coatings are highly efficient because its components are 100% solid, and little or no waste is produced. There is no need for solvent-capturing systems. If necessary, a spray booth can be installed in a relatively small area. In addition, liquid manufacturing systems usually can be changed easily into powder systems, because the conveyer and curing equipment are interchangeable. While a capital expenditure is necessary to replace the liquid delivery system, it often quickly pays for itself through improved efficiency.

Durable - Powder coatings are more highly resistant to acid rain and ultraviolet rays from the sun than liquid coatings. They withstand weather, abuse and the rigors of everyday use, and are chip- and scratch-resistant. They are already being used effectively on products that demand durability, such as architectural building panels and window extrusions, office furniture, outdoor furniture, appliances, children's toys, bicycles, automotive rims, and motorcycles. 

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