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Notice of using pearlescent ink in screen printing
Mar 09, 2018

For the choice of printing methods, first of all to the product analysis. Each product on the surface effect of the requirements of different, some requirements of the pearlescent pigment granules (pearlescent effect), some require pearlescent pigment particles fine (pearlescent effect is weak), for the coarse particles of the pearlescent ink, the use of screen printing method is better, on the contrary, the use of gravure printing. Because the screen printing applicable pearlescent pigment particles larger, the edge is coarse, so when the light shines to its surface, reflected more light, its color is strengthened, brighter, produce "shiny" effect, such as Jiangxi Nanchang cigarette Factory "Lushan" cigarette label.

For some special pearlescent pigments, when the light hits its surface, the interference color can be seen in the direction of the reflection angle, but in the direction of scattering angle, the complementary color of the interference color can still be seen because of the light through the thin layer. For example, in the pearlescent ink printing black, because of the refractive effect of pearlescent pigments, reflected light angle is not the same, showing the effect is not the same, in the sense of black into dark green. The choice of pearlescent ink is different, the performance of the effect is not the same, such as Brown will become dark red.

One is the base material "burst". This problem generally occurs when the cigarette label Soft Baozhuguang is printed. If the use of pearlescent ink on the soft package, you have to use the particle is relatively fine pearlescent pigments, and the use of gravure printing, but because the soft package of the substrate is relatively thin, gravure printing pressure, the problem is relatively difficult to control the burst.

Second, the paper deformation. When the use of infrared drying or the pearlescent printing products natural drying, cigarette label soft paper easy deformation, process control is more difficult. But the printing of gold, silver cardboard situation is much better, more suitable for the use of large quantity of paper pearlescent printing. General cigarette label Paper if in 230-250g/m2, for pearlescent printing is very advantageous.

Third, whether the product has a peculiar smell. Cigarette labels on the packaging of the smell requirements more stringent. Pearlescent pigment itself is not very good, but sometimes because the pearlescent ink adjustment is bad, resulting in a large product odor. By improving the ink and printing equipment, this problem can be avoided effectively.

Four is the chromatic aberration of the printed matter. Because of the difference of the particle size of pearlescent pigments, it is difficult to control the color difference in the process of printing. When using screen printing, it must be a fine particle of pearlescent pigments first through the screen transfer to the substrate, and the coarse particles are the screen card, so with the printing, particles larger pigments accumulate more, the color of the printed matter will be more and more shallow, resulting in chromatic aberration.

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