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Introduction of pearlescent Pigments
Mar 09, 2018

Pearlescent pigments are natural mica thin skin covering metal oxides produced by the Pearl luster of a new pigment, it can reproduce the nature of pearls, shells, corals and metals have the gorgeous and color. Micro-transparent, flat-shaped without, depending on the light refraction, reflection, transmission to show color and brightness.

Pearlescent pigments are non-toxic, high temperature, light, acid and alkali, not spontaneous combustion, not combustion, not conductive, do not migrate, to meet the paint, plastics, inks, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper, cosmetics and other industries of different needs, so that the product appearance of these industries more brilliant, light Polaroid people.

The pearlescent pigments are mixed with the more transparent materials, the more can produce beautiful pearl luster, also can be mixed with transparent pigment or dye, in order to get suitable shade, but should avoid with opaque ingredient or cover strong pigment mix use, such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigments, lest affect pearlescent effect. Color series of pearlescent pigments can be based on the mixing principle of color to produce a variety of pearl luster.

Pearlescent pigments for non-metallic functional environmental protection pigments, 100% dry powder-like supply, easy to evenly dispersed. According to the size of a large number of different products, at the same time the size of the particle can affect the pearlescent luster, the size of a large pearlescent luster more flashing, covering less powerful, small size of the silk satin soft luster, but also a better covering force.

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