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Application of pearlescent pigments
Mar 09, 2018

Plastic applications

Pearlescent pigments can be used for transparent and translucent plastic resins, the use of pearlescent pigments will bring a charming color visual effects. Usually the better the transparency of the resin can fully show the luster of pearlescent pigments and color effects. For the less transparent resin (PC/PVC, etc.), due to the processing characteristics of these resins, the same pearlescent luster and hue can be fully demonstrated.

Pearlescent pigments are widely used in cosmetic containers, all kinds of packaging, toys, decorative materials, all kinds of film and so on plastic products.

Makeup Application

TOWG pigments are made of natural mica, high temperature resistant, non-toxic. In full compliance with the international Food and Drug Hygiene Regulations (FDA), harmless to the human body, do not hurt the skin, eyes. Color diversity, easy to color, can be used to produce lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, nail polish, hair milk, moisturizing cream, spray, and other different cosmetics.

Coating applications

Pearlescent pigments are widely used in coatings industry because of their good dispersibility and good physical and chemical properties. No matter what kind of monochrome paint mixed pearlescent pigments, can become pearlescent paint, Keizuku and metal luster effect is impressive. Pearlescent coating has been used in automobiles, locomotives, daily necessities, building materials and many other fields.

Pearlescent pigments are flaky structures, and thus wetting is simple and rapid, but it is necessary to consider the polar surface of the system and the chemical properties of the medium or solvent. Pearlescent pigment chips In the dispersion is easy to damage, usually pearlescent pigments simply stir can disperse. Use of dispersing machinery allows only short time mixing. It is recommended to disperse the pulping and add the mixture in the paint.

Ink Application

Pearlescent pigments in the printing ink not only produce pearlescent effect at the same time can maintain the original hue, and can bring a variety of metal luster effect and iridescent luster effect. Pearlescent pigments have been widely used in the printing industry, often used in a variety of wrapping paper, magazines, advertising paintings, textiles and other items of printing.

Pearlescent pigments have excellent dispersibility, generally only slightly stir can be mixed with low viscosity printing inks. Because the pearlescent pigments are layered structure, and ink mixing can only be slightly stirred, to avoid strong mechanical treatment, so as to avoid the surface of the pearl powder damage.

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