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Effec Pigment

  • Synthetic Mica Effect Pigment

    Synthetic Mica Effect Pigment

    Lingbao is the manufacturer of synthetic mica substrate tailored for production pearlescent pigment. Years of research and development have led Lingbao to implementing an automatic production process. Subsequently, Lingbao has made immense improvements to the structure and...Read More
  • Iridescent Effect Pearl Pigment

    Iridescent Effect Pearl Pigment

    What is Iridescent Effect Pearl Pigment? LingBao this series pigments are all white powder but will show real colours on a black or dark background; over white background the colour tone is only visible from a certain angle but very light. How to create Iridescent effect? one...Read More
  • Interference Effect Pigment

    Interference Effect Pigment

    What is Interference Effect Pigment? Interference also called “Magic Colors¨ or “two-colour”, these pigments are all white powder but will show real colours on a black or dark background; over white background the colour tone is only visible from a certain angle but very...Read More
  • Pearlescent Effect Pigment

    Pearlescent Effect Pigment

    Pearlescent effect pigments are created by iridescence caused by multiple reflections from two or more semi-transparent surfaces. They consist of mica platelets coated with a thin layer of metallic oxide. This simple structure creates the basis of most pearlescent pigments...Read More
  • Silver White Sparkle Effect Pigment

    Silver White Sparkle Effect Pigment

    Add a special silver effect to your designs with our line of Silver White. Based on Natural and Synthetic Mica, this is one is one of the most widely used special pigment in industries such plastics, coatings/paint, printing ink, latex and ceramic. LingBao Silver White...Read More
  • Sparkle Silver Effect Pigment

    Sparkle Silver Effect Pigment

    LingBao factory advantage: ●Over 10 years experience in R&D and Researching ●Special patent for silver white series ●Wide various color choice ●Advanced technology support ●Professional international teams Characteristics: ●High heat resistance ●High Purity ensures Lower...Read More
  • Pearl Luster Color Effect

    Pearl Luster Color Effect

    LingBao Pearl Luster Color effect are formed when silver white, interference and metallic pigments are coated with absorptive pigments. They can perform more brighter and higher chrome pearlescent effect. There are a variety of colors in this series and they can be used...Read More
  • Speical Effect Pigment

    Speical Effect Pigment

    An entire world of products with a unique variety of color, luster, glitter, and shimmer effects –that's what LB speical Effect Pigment stand for. We're the perfect partner to bring color to the products that shape our daily lives, be it through plastics, printing,...Read More
  • Pearl Luster Effect Pigment

    Pearl Luster Effect Pigment

    Few things are as versatile and colorful as Pearl Luster Effect Pigment.Thanks to their particular layered structure, light is reflected at different levels in the pigment. The reflected waves interfere with each other, causing amplification or cancellation. Depending on the...Read More
  • Metallic Effect Pigment

    Metallic Effect Pigment

    Metallic effect pigment are made of platelets of mica coated with iron oxide. Affected by the thickness of the iron oxide layer, different colors like bronze, brown, red, purple red and etc, will be shown. All these colors are dazzling charming and the products create...Read More
  • Silver Effect Pigment

    Silver Effect Pigment

    Silver effect Pigment is a brilliant white,as captivatingly bright and glittering as whirling fresh powder snow in the sun. The hue impresses with its silvery white shimmer and intensive radiance.Despite the pure,rather cool appearance. A very fine texture and subtly colorful...Read More
  • Copper Effect Pigment

    Copper Effect Pigment

    How do we get Copper effect Pigment? Copper effect pigment is created by mica coated with iron oxide.The different colour shades and effects are determined by the thickness of the iron oxide deposits. The bronze effect is very popular in the decorative paint industries Wall...Read More
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