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Effec Pigment

  • Pearl Effect Pigment

    Pearl Effect Pigment

    Few things are as versatile and colorful as Mica Effect Pigment.Thanks to their particular layered structure, light is reflected at different levels in the pigment. The reflected waves interfere with each other, causing amplification or cancellation. Depending on the...Read More
  • Mica Effect Pigment

    Mica Effect Pigment

    Mica Effect Pigment is widely used in the cosmetics, plastics,ink,leatheroid,leather,wall paper, porcelain enamel and pottery, buliding paint and other industries. And the main types are: natural scale pearl pigment, bismuth oxychloride crystal pearl pigment,mica covered...Read More
  • Rainbow Effect Pigment

    Rainbow Effect Pigment

    What is Rainbow Effect Pigment? LingBao this series pigments are all white powder but will show real colours on a black or dark background; over white background the colour tone is only visible from a certain angle but very light. How to create rainbow effect? The effect of...Read More
  • Golden Pearl Effect Pigment

    Golden Pearl Effect Pigment

    Our advantage: We are committed to offering an all round product and use service that brings exceptional value to your business Easy formulating: Our ready-made, unique combinations of color and effect can be applied to any coating,plastic or ink. Technical support We can...Read More
  • Gold Effect Pearl Pigment

    Gold Effect Pearl Pigment

    Advantage: ●High color depth and purity ●Outstanding Golden Pearl Luster ●Easy processing ●Excellent pigment orientation ●Easy incorporation in all common applications ●Fascinating effects even at low pigmentation levels Product Details: Other Names: Gold Effect Pearl...Read More
  • Gold Mica Effect Pigment

    Gold Mica Effect Pigment

    How do we get Gold effect from Mica Powder? First we use mica powder coated with titanium oxide.Oxide Iron,Dioxide Tin The effect of pearl luster is determined be the depth of titanium oxide. Silver white pearl luster is formed by the thinnest titanium oxide coating, and with...Read More
  • Chameleon Effect Pigment

    Chameleon Effect Pigment

    Chameleon Pearl Pigments are made from transparent sheets, and coated with multilayer metal oxide or non metal oxide. The percentage of each material would be precisely controlled to make unique colors. Chameleon pearlescent pigments continuously change colors but not...Read More
  • Diamond Effect Pigment

    Diamond Effect Pigment

    Composed of high transparent flake crystals coated with titanium dioxide and other metal oxides, our Diamond effect pigment series creates a sparkling multi-color diamond-like dazzling effect that will enhance your product’s appearance and attract your customers. With...Read More
  • 3D Effect Pigment

    3D Effect Pigment

    3D effect Pigment is also called Color Magnetic Pearl Pigment,which is based on Synthetic Mica , except coated by regular metal oxide , but also coated by some special metal oxide, according to fine meachine to control the coating layer, for optical principles and metal...Read More
  • Magnetic Effect Pigment

    Magnetic Effect Pigment

    Magnetic effect Pigment are our newly-developed special pearls. They are also called 3D effect Magnetic pearl pigments, though they do not have magnetic properties themselves. After special processing, the magnetic conductive pearl powder will be up-arranged when affected by...Read More
  • Mica Effect Pearlscent Pigment

    Mica Effect Pearlscent Pigment

    Lingbao Mica effect Pearlescent Pigment are made from natural mica powder coated with titanium dioxide, ferric oxide and (or) other metal oxide. It presents rainbow-like interference colors with multiple reflection and refraction of light shining on the flakes. The...Read More
  • Glass Flake Effect Pigment

    Glass Flake Effect Pigment

    Lingbao Glass flake effect pigment is based on mirror-like reflection borosilicate platelets taking effect-enhancing pigments to new levels of chroma, colour purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. The result is a very sparkly effect with saturated colours. Created...Read More
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